Date: 4-Dec-06
First Name:Williams
Last Name: From: Newport Beach CA
Comment: I am the son of SFC Albert F. Williams Jr. Thank you for creating a site to
honor these brave men who believed in their mission.

Date: 12/3/2006
First Name: Susie
Last Name: Linale
From: Omaha,NE
Comment: SFC Albert F. Williams was my father.
I am so glad to have found this website.
I welcome any new info that anyone might have.

Date: 3-Dec-06
First Name: Jon
Last Name: Williams
From: Newport Beach CA
Comment: Son of Army SFC Albert F. Williams Jr., Passenger on doomed flight

Date: 11/4/2006
First Name: Claudette
Last Name:
From: Maine USA
Comment: What a website! You have done so much work here and it
touches the heart very much. I personally am very greatful for all our
soldiers have done for us and this site is a beautiful display of your love.
I invite you to visit with Vicki Lee I think a few o

Date: August 7,2006
First Name: Pat Glassman
Last Name: Abrams
From: Houston/Dallas
Comment: Does anyone have any other info about 3/16/62 other than
what is here?? I am in the process of trying to get my Dads obituary from
California there a list anywhere of surviving relatives?

Date: 29-May-06
First Name: Corrine
Last Name:
From: Upstate NY

Date: 4/24/2006
First Name: Susan
Last Name: MacGregor
From: Havre de Grace, MD
Comment: Im a friend of a child of one of those killed when that plane disappeared.
It is such a sad story. Is there ANY hope that their deaths can ever be
recognized by having the names added to the Wall? Susan
From what I understand, it is possible to have your loved one's name included into
the "In Memory" (offshute program of "Friends of the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial")
program in Washington, DC, as my father's name was. The names are read aloud every
year on Memorial Day according to their date of death.

Date: 20060325
First Name: Kevin
Last Name: Boughton
Comment: I am a newhew of Albert Sonny Williams' kids and am currently serving
in the 19th SF. Ive had "Sonny's" medals reissued and can show you
how to do the same. If you're interested please contact me.
Thank you for your information Kevin. I have already received all my father's medals
some years back, and have them mounted in a nice frame made especially for military
medals. I had found some shreds of peace finally holding them.
Hopefully, others will make an effort to request them.

Date: 3/15/2006
First Name: Eric
Last Name: Burt
Comment: Today 3/15 is the day I remember finding out my dad disappeared.
It was 3/16 there but 3/15 here. I am 51 and still grieve his loss.
Thank you for checking in Eric. I sincerely appreciate the clarification
of the 15th & 16th. It's exactly my point. Whatever timezone "IT" happened
inside of, is specifically, the exact time & date it actually happened.
Example: If flight 999 exploded on a Friday at 12:05 am (after midnight)
New York/Eastern Time, technically, that's what will be written in the
history books -- not that "It happened on Thursday at 9:05 p.m.
California/Pacific Time." I had contacted three different top website
authors regarding their posted data of N6921C and had them correct the date
from March 15, 1962 to March 16, 1962. However, some months later, they all
reverted their data back to the 15th. I have reason to believe that this
later change was in part, or in whole, due to the actions of FTL. The only
plane accident that happened on March 15, 1962, was that of another FTL
plane that (actually) crashed in Adak, Alaska. That date is not disputed.

Date: 13-Mar-06
First Name: Pat
Last Name: Glassman Mintz
From: Dallas
Comment: Dear All, I seem to hit dead-ends in trying to find out anymore information about my Dad.
NO obit form San Jose or Omaha where he lived for two years before
California. This is so they never existed. Any ideas
or suggestions where to
Try the website for the Controller's Office of California. They have a
variety of information; plus, the Hall of Records for Birth & Death
records. The Military also has a realm of information, such as what
place(s} your dad was trained, tested, and served at.

Date: 3/11/2006
First Name: Norma
Last Name: Thamy-Bautista
From: Vallejo, CA
Comment: Our family attended the 1st Reunion on 3/16/91.
I came across my file and was searching and wondering what
has happened since then. Please contact me, I would like very much
to pursue some of the things that were discussed back then.
Thank you for checking in Norma.

Date: 02/20//2006
First Name: Claudette aka
Last Name: DJ Happy
From: Maine USA
Comment: Hello I was visiting an artists website and found a link to
your site and I decided to come on over to take a visit. You have done such
a lovely job! Thanks for everything you do.

Date: 1/26/2006
First Name: Richard
Last Name: Biernacki
From: Shreveport,LA.
Comment: I was just 5 years old when my Father Henry Francis Biernacki met his fate.
I have 3 older brothers Nick,Micheal and Steven and a younger sister Connie
and baby brother John, all still alive.Our Mother Nikki Elsie Biernacki
somehow raised all six of her chi

Date: 1/7/2006
First Name: mike
Last Name: ball
From: michigan
Comment: this site is a must see for all vets and I put
a page just for your site hope you like it

Date: January 2 2006
First Name:mike
Last Name: ball
From: VFW POST 552
Comment: Thank you for all the work you did on this site....A lot of love went into making
it this good I added a link to this site on a web page I am working on hope you like it