This site has a lot of info on "how to" thru the Military.


Being a Vietnam Veteran himself, with his own experiences and memories of war -
raising a family and working on his own personal plight,
Michael Kelley had taken my story under his wing -- without
reservation. Michael Kelley was instrumental in various facets
of my search for answers with regards to my father's flight.

Website Honoring 96 of N6921C

I found this site on 9-21-2012. Another website honoring the 96
Military Passengers of N6921C. "Mark" used a lot of my own original
material to create this site without giving me or the other 10 Civilian
Crew Members recognition.



I found this site on 4-1-00. This organization is located
in Kansas City, Missouri and it speaks for itself! They have
acquired N6937C, a TWA Constellation. Dedicated volunteers
continue to restore and upkeep the plane in tip-top shape.
They offer bookings to fly aboard this beautiful lady, as
well as an annual membership of $110 that includes the
opportunity to fly aboard their Connie at (no additional charge)
and to help restore the plane. They've even got sound files of
the Connie's propellered engines to download!


This is the most inspirational site I have ever seen.
Author, Father Denis Edward O'Brien, USMC wrote, "What Is A Veteran."
His words are exact, moving and gets his point across with emotion.
A must see Website!


I also found this site on 4-1-00. They have over 70,000 Pictures,
Message Boards and Instant Chat all relating to flight.

This link will take you directly to their posted information
about our plane. This is the most popular site for aviation addicts
I've found. A very informative site!

This site includes a biography of Jon Voight, news
and updates, articles, interviews, links and some great pictures!

I had created this site through Yahoo that allows anyone to join my
"Denied The WALL" Webring. It also welcomes anyone who has experienced the "block wall" of red tape while trying to get their own loved one's name included on the WALL in Washington, D.C.

CJ's WEBSITE This is the most extensive website ever created, listing all government agencies, groups, websites, and interests for vets and their families.

JAMES E. LEIKER Experience Vietnam from the eyes and heart of James E. Leiker. I guarantee that you will be taken away, and live his personal experience by his extraordinary writing skills -- especially "What I'll Be Doing on Memorial Day."


Doc Ferrell was a Fleet Marine Force Corpsman in Vietnam 1966-July 1967, and now shares his experiences of war in Vietnam. He has voluntarily spent many dedicated long hours researching our flight in an effort to shed new light.

LEIGH COLEMAN HOTUJEC - AIR AMERICA Leigh honors and keeps the memory of her father, BEN COLEMAN alive, and promotes the TRUTH about the missions of Air America during the Souteast Asia conflict. Ben was an Air America Pilot from 1962-1972. We share the same frustrations as to why our loved ones, even though they were Civilian at the time, have not been honored and recognized by our own government who sent them on their missions.

DIANE MOORE'S "THE CIRCLE OF LIFE" Diane has dedicated her website to her father,CmSgt THOMAS MOORE, USAF, who was among 3 others (SSgt. Samual Adams, SSgt. Charles Dusing and TSgt. Jasper Page) who were all captured enroute to Saigon from Vung Tan (by truck) and taken prisoner on 10-31-65. Page was thought to be an escapee at one point, and the findings of the CIA were inconclusive. "Three names appeared on the 'Died in Captivity' list furnished by the Provisional Revolutionary Government in 1973..." indicating that all 3 died in December of 1965 without further details." No remains were ever recovered. Diane also dedicates her website "in memory of Sam, Charles, and to all those still unaccounted for, and their children." Her father's name appears on the WALL in Washington, D.C.

SGT. FATS' HOMEPAGE John Spizzirri (Sgt. Fats) is a Vietnam Veteran who shares his experiences and pain of the war. He has come a long way, but still suffers from PTSD. He also shares his gift of creating great graphics.

VIPER'S VIETNAM VETERAN PAGE Viper's website is extraordinary, in that there is multiple veteran links, and exquisite graphics. Viper is a Vietnam Veteran who served in the U.S. Army, 25th Division, 2nd Battalion, 27th Infantry Regiment. Also, he served with the Military Assistance Command Vietnam (MACV), Advisory Team 50, 44th STZ.