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According to the Aircraft Accident Report, "There were ninety-three U.S. Army,
mainly highly trained electronics and communications specialists; the other
three were members of the Armed Forces of Vietnam." In the San Francisco
Chronicle, dated March 17, 1962, only 92 passengers were listed.  

On November 28, 2000 I found an additional passenger's name listed
in the Washington Post (March 1962).  The name of Private 1/C Samuel L. Hunter
has now been added to this list which brings the total to 93 passengers.  
An additional 3 passengers consisted of Vietnamese Nationalists.
Their names were never given. They bring the total Passengers to 96.

Also, due to the non-clarity of the microfilm from which I had copied
this passenger list in the early 1980's, some names or cities may be
misspelled.  I have yet to receive an "Official Manifest" of the names
of all of the passengers as I had requested (around the same time)
under the Freedom of Information Act.  

Note: The FBI and CIA claimed that they had "no records."

Due to the Privacy Act, The Department of the ARMY was "unable to release
the names and addresses of other known surviving relatives of this flight."
I believe that this is a tactic to keep us separated from each other, making
it more difficult to find each other and would increase the years that
inevitably keep going by.

Flying Tiger Line will not release any information -
other than the CAB's Accident Report.

If any of the surviving relatives would like their
loved one's picture included in this website,
please e-mail me!!