In order for the "N6921C" to be seen on the tail, this photo had to be enlarged, somewhat distorting the original image.  I was given this photo of our plane in 1997.  The actual photo had been taken prior to its ill-fated flight while at the Flying Tiger Lines hanger in Burbank, California.  The plane was a Lockheed L-1049H Super Constellation, U.S. Registration number N6921C, Issued: June 2, 1959 by the Department of Commerce -- Civil Aeronautics Administration in accordance with the Convention on International Civil Aviation dated December 7, 1944, and with the Civil Aeronautics Act of 1938; Serial number 4817.

"N6921C was inspected and found to be a new (1956) and airworthy aircraft on May 24, 1957.  Flying Tiger Line purchased N6921C on June 1, 1959 from ARELJAY COMPANY (not incorporated), a General Partnership (HENRY CROWN and ARELJAY COMPANY) are together with CONRAD N. HILTON all of the members of Aero-Hil Venture, a joint venture.  Aero-Hil Venture was located at 527 Pacific Building, Portland, Oregon.  Aero-Hil Venture and Flying Tiger Line had leased N6921C from Aero Finance Corp. on May 27, 1957, for $1,570,900.00.  At that time, the aircraft records indicated that the airframe had been operated a total of 12.6 hours.  N6921C had four 750 Horsepower Curtess-Wright engines (Serial numbers 706101, 706111, 706113 and 709144.  Engine Model number 988TC18EA-3).  Air-France Corporation was located at 9970 Santa Monica Boulevard, Beverly Hills, California.  Aircraft registration number, N6921C, was canceled by the Federal Aviation Agency on November 4, 1963, due to the Civil Aeronautics Board's Accident Report."

You can also confirm that N6921C had "Lufthansa" markings by visiting this Lufthansa website.  You have to scroll all the way down towards the end, and look for Registration Number "N6921C."  It is still unconfirmed what markings it had when it left on it's last mission.

The Constellation is one of the most beautiful planes ever made.
Click on the "Maiden Flight of Ed King's Constellation" just
below to see the most beautiful hand-constructed L1049G -- N6937C!

Maiden Flight of Ed King's Constellation from Bijan Salehi on Vimeo.

This is a photo of N6919C taken in May, 1958 by Mel Lawrence.
It is also an L1049H Super Constellation, a sister to N6921C.
Use of this Copyrighted photo was with his permission on 12-13-2001

This is a photo of N6921C taken in 1957 by Frank Hudson.
It is also an L1049H Super Constellation.
Use of this Copyrighted photo was with his permission in August, 2018.

On April 4, 2002, the FAA RE-assigned the Registry Number "N6921C" to a Beech manufactured
Fixed Wing Single-Engine (A36) airplane!!!! The registered owners live in Matthews, North Carolina.
PLEASE !!!! Write to the address below and let them know that Registry Number "N6921C" should NOT be
RE-assigned to any other airplane, and that with all due respect, the newly RE-assigned "N6921C" should be
revoked in order to rest peacefully and honorably with all 107 who disappeared aboard her on 16 Mar 1962!!

Civil Aviation Registry
P.O. Bos 25082
Oklahoma City, OK 73125


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