Linda McClenahan and I at the
Vietnam Veteran's Memorial
Sacramento, California 5-29-89


This picture was taken immediately after the Memorial Day ceremony. I'm speaking with Linda McClenahan, who, at the time was a member of the (CVVMC) California Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Commission. She had told me here, that "If you keep this up, we'll just have to recognize your father." I was holding the sign, "America, don't forget my dad & the other 106" which my daughter, Tammi, and I had made together. This sign is what I carried on several occasions. I'd included an enlarged black and white photo/portrait of my dad on the other side, so that his face would be connected to his name.  

At the start of getting involved with these kinds of events the groups of people were large. As I stood in silence, I blended in with the others as my heart cried out, knowing that no one would know our story if I didn't do something. Without taking over the podium, I chose to carry a homemade sign. The sign could be seen farther and reach more people. My daughter had told me, "Are you bringing that sign again? It's imbarrassing!" I felt for her. All I could do was tell her that it was for her grandfather. I knew that she trusted me, as I'd trusted my gut instincts.