Michael Kelley and I at the California Vietnam Veteran's Memorial
Sacramento, California 5-29-89





Michael Kelly was instrumental in various facets of my search for answers with regards to my father's flight. When I first started corresponding to the California Vietnam Veterans Memorial Commission in an effort to have my father's name (as well as the other 106) included on the memorial, Michael Kelley "jumped in" when I was exhausted from the lengthy letter-writing battle, and afterwards, with the inability to be granted their acceptance on the memorial, Michael Kelley took my story under his wing.  

Ensuring that my father and the other 106 would be remembered, he included all my correspondence into the Time Capsule at the California Vietnam Veteran's Memorial in Sacramento which is scheduled to be re-opened in 200 years. In addition, he was instrumental in having my father recognized by the "In Memory" program in Washington, D.C. on Memorial Day, 1996. I had sent Michael Kelley two dozen roses, but I owe him much more.  

"The Three Walls Behind the Wall The Myth of Vietnam Veteran Suicide" written by Michael Kelley  

"WHERE WE WERE in Vietnam" A Comprehensive Guide to the Firebases, Military Installations and Naval Vessels of the Vietnam War, 1945-75 written by Michael Kelley