March 16, 1962 ?

March 16, 1962 is the date on my father's Death Certificate, and headling the L.A. Times on March 16, 1962 was, "107 Lost At Sea." Regardless of any other technicalities brought to light by any other "Official" entity recently (2004/2005), March 16, 1962 will always remain engraved in our hearts and minds.

Guam time is an additional 18 hours ahead of California time. Therefore, the "incident" happened on Friday, March 16, 1962 in Guam, while in California it was Thursday, March 15, 1962. According to the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB)'s Accident Report dated April 8, 1963, "On March 15, 1962, sometime after its last position report at 1422 G.m.t. (22 minutes past midnight, local time)..." Therefore, the "Incident" occurred 18 hours later (8:22 p.m. Guam time, on March 16, 1962).

3-16-62 L.A. Times: "Soviet Use of Chaff in Air Called Danger"

"McNamara told a news conference it was quite apparent that Russia was conducting harrassing actions against flights of allied planes in the air corridors but he refused to accept a reporter's suggestion that the use of chaff constituted a 'hostile' action."

3-17-62 The Washington Post: "U.S. Considers Soviet Global Rocket Quite Possible But Not Frightening"

"...(Khrushchev) said.." the "United States' brass" had erected a system of radar detection and warning against missiles across the North Pole, but "the new global rockets can fly around the world in any direction and strike a blow at any set target."

"Tass said the low point on the new sputnik's orbit is 135 miles above the earth and the high point 609 miles. The sputnik was making a circuit of the earth in slightly over 96 minutes..."

3-17-62 L.A. Times: "View of Sputnik Promised U.S."

"Moscow, March 17 (AP) The Soviet sputnik launched yesterday with a load of instruments to measure conditions for space travel is continuing its flight around the earth and is sending back a steady stream of technical data, Tass said today."

"The satellite will pass over Chicago at 7:51 p.m. and San Francisco at 9:25 p.m. Sunday, Tass said."

3-17-62 Washington Post: "Hunt Fails To Locate Lost Plane"

"(The plane) had taken off from Guam at 8:57 p.m. Thursday, after refueling, on the 8-hour flight to Clark Field, north of Manila. It's last contact with the island was a routine radio message 80 minutes later at a point about 270 miles west of Guam. The plane had fueled for nine hours flying when it took off from Guam."

The flight originated Tuesday at Travis Air Force base in California."