This is the only WALL that gives our 107 heroes
Liberty, Honor & Peace!


The FBI and CIA claimed that they had "no records."

Due to the Privacy Act, The Department of the ARMY
was "unable to release the names and addresses of
other known surviving relatives of this flight."

Flying Tiger Line will not release any information --
other than the CAB's Accident Report.

=  This is the Official "MIA Red Star."
Here, it also indicates Surviving Relatives Located

Last First Rank City State
Burt Grady R. Navigator Baldwin Park CA
Gazzaway Robbie J. 2nd Officer Fillmore CA
Kennedy William T. Navigator Braintree CA
McClellan Clayton E. Flight Engineer San Mateo CA
Muller Hildegarde Stewardess SFO CA
Nau George M. Flight Engineer Pacoima CA
Reiter Christel Stewardess San Mateo CA
Thomas Gregory P. Captain Red Bank NJ
Wamsley Barbara Sr. Flight Attendant Santa Barbara CA
Wassum Patricia Stewardess SFO CA
Wish Robert J. 1st Officer Hidden Hills CA

Four Stewardesses got off N6921C at Wake Island, enroute to Guam.
I have respected the wishes of those who have decided not to be contacted --
for whatever reasons.
= This symbol indicates Living Stewardess, or their Surviving Relatives Located
Last First Rank City State
Bolo Shirley Stewardess
Hernandez Diane Stewardess San Francisco CA
Lambrose-Shainin Joan Stewardess Hillsbourough CA
Osland Joyce Stewardess