My parents:
George Michael Nau (23)
& Annie (17) in 1947-
possibly on their Wedding Day,
January 25, 1947.





My dad, GEORGE MICHAEL NAU, USN & Civilian Flight Engineer, among 107, disappeared on March 16, 1962.  All aboard this plane are not officially listed as Killed In Action, Missing In Action or Prisoners Of War by the Department of Defense.  

This flight originated at Travis AFB, California.  The plane was owned by (FTL) Flying Tiger Line, Inc., Lockheed Air Terminal, Burbank, CA.  The plane (Registry number N6921C; FTL Flight 7815/14), and Civilan Crew of 11, were contracted out by the Air Force (under Public Works Contract number A.F. 11-626-389; Air Force Service Order number 29) to transport 93 U.S. ARMY Special Forces Rangers & 3 Vietnamese Nationalists to Saigon operating as (MATS) Military Air Transport Service (Charter Flight 739/14).  

According to the Civil Aeronautics Board's (CAB) Accident Report, "The plane disappeared 1 1/2 hours after takeoff from Guam enroute to Saigon."  And "the largest air/sea search" of that time "was initiated 5 hours after the plane's fuel exhaustion time."  "The S/S T.L. Lenzen, a supertanker owned by Standard Oil, was in the vicinity and witnessed a vapor trail go behind a cloud," and then, (what they thought was according to the depositions of the crew) "a covert operation due to the low flying plane."  The Accident Report continues, that the crew of the S/S T.L. Lenzen had also witnessed "a mid-air explosion at the approximate time & location of N6921C."  The Accident Report concludes, "Due to the lack of any substantiating evidence the Board is unable to state with any degree of certainty the exact fate of N6921C."  

The Department of Defense has "excluded this flight," from it's own criteria, which would enable these 107 names being included on the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial(The WALL) in Washington, D.C.  I feel (as many other surviving relatives and all who are familiar with this story feel) that ALL agree there has been a grave injustice by our government (who assigned and sent them on their mission), having chosen not to honor these people -- weather being Civilian or Military -- while in the line of duty.  

I am seeking the surviving relatives, information and hope for these forgotten men and women who have no gravestone markers(s) for remembrance of their dedication and sacrafice of their lives while in the line of duty and honor to their county, in connection, and as a direct result of the Vietnam War.  

As a result of the hardship my family and I have suffered because of this incident, I have chosen to wear the "breastplate of faith" on behalf of ALL of the surviving relatives who, mostly, still deeply grieve.  I also dedicate my life to righting this injustice.  If it will not happen in my lifetime, our children, and their children's children will continue in this cause.  When it finally happens, we will ALL be able to exercise our right to pursue happiness!

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